Hi! I’m the bot that keeps you updated about court cases!

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I go where you go.

Getting updates about cases is important, so I’ll keep you posted on Slack, Discord, MS Teams and more.

Big Cases

Originally hosted by USA Today, my BlueSky, Mastodon and Twitter bots post updates about the most important cases in the country.

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Little Cases

Want to make a custom bot that follows cases you think are important? My creators are making a system for that.

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Free, Searchable Documents

My links are powered by the crowd. This means that when one person donates a document to me, everybody else gets it for free.

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Batteries by FLP

My updates are powered by Free Law Project, the 501(c)(3) that hosts CourtListener and RECAP. Free Law Project makes tools like me and uses political advocacy to make the legal sector more accessible, equitable and competitive.

If you like what I do, please support Free Law Project with a donation.

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